Bob R.

When your water heater is leaking all over the garage, it’s an emergency. While I normally go to Sears for appliance needs since their financing is usually enticing, Sears takes a while to get an appointment for someone to come. So I turned to Yelp and found RS Plumbing with excellent reviews. Robert of RS was all the positive things I had read about. Firstly, he answered his phone quickly. He explained what he would do and the cost so you knew up flont what to expect. And, most importantly, he could come the very next day. He came over right on time, was pleasant, worked efficiently, and there were no hidden cost surprises. (Prior to calling RS, I had called another company that had good reviews. Their answering machine was on but it gave no greeting to know whether I had even called the right company. I left a message. After an hour with no return call, I called again. Same answering machine, and I left another message. I never received a return call, even to this day.) Robert answered his phone, and even while he was busy working on my water heater replacement, he was answering his phone to promptly respond to other customers. I totally recommend RS Plumbing. Yelp is a great way to find good and reliable companies and weed out the bad so us customers don’t waste our hard earned money! Thank you Robert!!! and thank you Yelp and Yelpers.

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